1. Premium Features
a. Structure and characteristics:
HDPE sewer pipes is a product that is manufactured according to Korean technology, has many advantages advantages: Durable, economical, non-corrosive.
- Used with HDPE material of high density, the inside width sleek flat less friction, flow regime well, between the walls inside and outside are formed pore by extrusion to withstand external pressure and intensity bumps high.
- On the other hand properties of HDPE is capable of appropriate soil and soft soil.
- The good chemical resistance, no rust, decompose durable over 50 years is consistent with the acid environment, pincers, wastewater, organic (waste treatment plant), saline ... . fit coastal area.
b. Reduce the cost of construction, less costly for the repair and maintenance of pipelines

-  Because pipes are lightweight, so the transportation, construction and repair easily, thereby shortening construction time, saving installation time.
-   Installation is all terrain accessories connected by simple, quick operation, compact. You can adjust the length of the tube to reduce the number of joints, reduce the amount of breakage, reduce labor costs, thereby reducing the cost of construction.

c.  Water tightness

-   The joints are connected to modern methods, using HDPE plate belt, is the choice for all purpose use of all-terrain different construction ensures very high watertight.
-   No leakage and water penetration from outside

d. Handling, transport, storage

-   Can inserted into each tube, easy to transport pipe with a length suitable for transportation
-   Ratings neat pipe, storage pipe in environmental shade under 35 ° C temperature.